Heater cores

To keep drivers and passengers warm, heater cores need to perform efficiently and reliably.

Heater cores

How heater cores work

Heater cores are part of the cooling system of the vehicle’s engine. The warm engine coolant flows through the heater core and exchange heat with the air in the vehicle interior to warm up the interior in cool conditions. The interior air is pushed through the heater core by the blower motor. After the air is warmed up it is distributed to the different air outlets, like feet, face or defrost outlets. The air distribution and blower fan speed is either controlled by the driver or passenger or automatically when equipped with a climate control system.

DENSO heater cores are designed alongside experts and manufactured to OE quality standards to ensure optimum HVAC performance journey after journey.

DENSO Heater Core

Features and benefits

  • Provide optimum heat transfer.
  • Long-lasting, efficient performance.
  • Expert design and manufacture.
  • Built to OE quality standards.
OE quality
Our heater cores have been engineered to meet OE specifications and requirements, ensuring optimum HVAC efficiency for longer.
Expert design
Developed alongside air conditioning experts, the design and manufacture of our heater cores mean they can cope with extreme environmental conditions.
Reliable and durable
Each of our HVAC components, including our heater cores, undergoes rigorous testing to ensure long-lasting and efficient performance.

Types and characteristics

Finding the right type of heater core to the HVAC system is key to ensuring a correct fit and reliable, efficient operation.

Heater cores types

SFA type

Single Flow Advance

Diagram SFA type heater core
UFA type

U Flow Advance

Diagram UFA type heater core


All of our heater cores are manufactured and tested to OE quality standards to ensure you get optimum HVAC performance for longer.

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