• Rotary Types
    TV ZW

    Rotary Types

    The Rotary type compressors range is made up of sliding vane, through vane as well as electrical scroll compressors. Sliding vane compressors are with fixed displacement; through vane compressors are available with fixed as well as varible type. Electrical scroll compressors for hybrid cars are available as variable type.

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  • Reciprocating Types

    Reciprocating Types

    Reciprocating (or piston) type compressors are Dual Swash Plate, Single Swash Plate and Wobble Plate types. The Single Swash Plate and Wobble Plate are variable type compressor.

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  • DENSO Compressor Installation Manual

    DENSO Compressor Installation Manual

    All DENSO Aftermarket compressors-packaging contain a comprehensive Compressor Installation Manual. This gives you clear instructions, based on the failure you find, which repair steps are necessary and which parts have to be replaced.

    Includes the following 17 languages: 
    English, Russian, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Swedish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Serbian, Turkish